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Steve Birkett and Rebecca Downes started writing music together in 2011 and this EP was their first release.  It was published independently by Mark Viner Stuart, the producer, at the start of 2013 and the rights were acquired by Rebecca’s independent music company, Rebecca Downes Music Ltd, in 2017.  Two of the tracks, Basement Of My Heart and When I’m Bad on this early work were included in the first studio album, Back To The Start, released in 2013.


Whilst Rebecca and Steve’s writing has moved on from these early beginnings, many of the Real Life EP tracks still feature in their acoustic duo sets.


Track List for 'Real Life':


1.  Real Life

2. When I'm Bad

3. You Don't Know

4. Basement Of My Heart

5. Better For Knowing You

6. Breaking Your Heart (Acoustic)

7. Feels So Right (Acoustic)


The album is delivered as a .zip file that will be found in your downloads folder. It will unzip to show 7 tracks which can then be imported to iTunes or your digital player of choice.

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Real Life EP Download