Birmingham, UK-based Rebecca and her band are a ‘must see’ live act that often leaves newcomers simply blown away by the power of the performance.


With her co-writer Steve Birkett alongside her, a very tight band behind, and Rebecca’s powerful voice to the fore, the 5-piece outfit performs original rock/blues tracks from the EP Real Life, the highly-acclaimed debut album Back To The Start and the superb second album Believe, punctuated by one or two classic covers.


Rebecca was voted Best Female Vocalist and Best Emerging Artist at the British Blues Awards 2016, Female Blues Vocalist of the Year in the FORM UK Blues Awards 2018 and Best Blues Band in the Black Country Music Awards 2019.
Rebecca was born and grew up in Wolverhampton, UK. She first started performing live music when aged 13 and as a teenager wrote and performed her own material.  


The current band started when she linked up with Steve Birkett a few years ago – a partnership that ‘clicked’, to the intense excitement of those around the pair.  Their core genre was the Blues, but right from the start they have stretched their music in the direction of rock and that move is set to continue.  Other core members of the band are Rick Benton (keys), Vince Yarrington  (Bass) and Lloyd Daker (Drums).

The third studio album, More Sinner Than Saint, was released in May 2019.  Again, the approach to this has been very careful and considered, with a lot of focus on making sure that the end product is a true representation of the vision of the songwriters.  At the outset Steve and Rebecca took advice from Chris Kimsey, (Producer of The Rolling Stones and Peter Frampton, amongst others) and after recording five of the tracks were mixed by California-based producer Bill Drescher who has worked with artists such as Rick Springfield, Spinal Tap and the Allman Brothers Band as well as producing the music for the hit TV series Stranger Things.  The remaining seven tracks were mixed by Chris Childs, bass player of Thunder, to match the style set by Bill Drescher. The songwriters believe that the new material is very much of a style and production that really delivers the vision they have of their music and this is a view that is shared by fans and reviewers alike.


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