Our Record Label - Mad Hat Records

All of our albums have been self-published, with the help of various people.  In April 2017 Rebecca Downes Music Ltd was formed and acquired the publication rights to the complete Rebecca Downes catalogue (including the Real Life EP, which was released privately, and Back To The Start, which was released under the Real2Reel independent label) and, with the agreement of Mark Viner Stuart, owner of Mad Hat Studios, Coven, Wolverhampton, the Label name Mad Hat Records.  All future self-releases will be made under this name and allocated a catalogue number accordingly.  The current list of releases and catalogue numbers is:


R2RREC001 Back To The Start (2013)

MADHAT001 Believe (2016)

MADHAT002 BeLive (2017)

MADHAT003 Believe Edition II (2017)

MADHAT004 Real Life EP (2013)

MADHAT005 More Sinner Than Saint CD (2019)

MADHAT006 More Sinner Than Saint Vinyl (2019)

MADHAT007 Sailing On A Pool Of Tears (Chris Kimsey Re-Mix) Radio Edit (2017)

MADHAT008 Hurts (Radio Edit) Single (2019)

MADHAT009 More Sinner Than Saint (Radio Edit) Single (2019)

MADHAT010 Screaming Your Name (Acoustic) Single (2019)

MADHAT011  Mama Weer All Crazee Now Single (2020)


All Rebecca Downes releases are © Rebecca Downes Music Ltd