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Covid Strikes Again - Darlington and Kinross Postponed

Bad news, folks...

My right-hand man and integral part of our show, Steve Birkett, tested positive for Covid_19 late yesterday and, as a result, we've had to cancel the gigs in Darlington and Kinross this coming weekend. Steve has symptoms and is resting up, but there is no cause for concern at the moment, though having had Covid myself last month I know just what a pain it can be.

We have rescheduled both gigs, but venue availability (especially in the context of numerous existing rescheduled gigs) means that they won't now happen until February 2023 - Friday 17th (Darlington) and Saturday 18th (Kinross). Existing tickets will be valid for the rearranged gigs. Ticket holders either have or will soon receive emails from the venues and these will include details of how to obtain refunds if that's what you want to do.

Mike Prendergast and the Forum are putting on alternative show this Friday night featuring the Mitch Laddie Band supported by our original support, the Bone Idols. I hope those of you in the area, or who intend to keep their hotel bookings, will support Mike, these amazing live acts and the live music scene in general. Tickets can be obtained from Mike at Gasto Promotions, John Tate or direct from the Forum.

It will take a while to update all the various sources of info, ticket links, etc so please bear with us. Next gig now is HRH Blues in Sheffield, where we are scheduled to appear on Saturday 9 April.

We are so sorry about this - we are all very disappointed, but there's now't else we can do under the circs.

Thanks for your patience and particular thanks to the promoters - Mike Prendergast and John Tate at Darlington and David Mundell at Kinross - for their understanding.

Love to you all

Rebecca xx

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