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Visit to the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Centre

Last week I visited this amazing animal rescue centre. I came to Kyrenia previously for a friend's wedding in 2018, and visited again in 2019. I had always planned on coming back to the area again and to visit the rescue centre, but the pandemic intervened. Last week's visit meant so much in so many ways. I was shown around by the wonderful Paul (volunteer) and was truly blown away by the place and the great work they do. Karen who runs it is clearly doing an incredible thing there. I had trouble letting go of one dog in particular, little Jacks, but my own dog, Ralph, wouldn’t accept another dog now at his advanced age. Otherwise, Jacks would have been coming home with me, but I have since arranged to sponsor him, which is the next best thing.

Many visitors adopt dogs and the centre helps arrange for them to be sent to their respective new countries and homes all over Europe and the UK. They house over 200 dogs, have a vet centre for the animals and are doing so much fantastic work. Of particular interest was their plan to introduce a neutering programme in an effort to manage the increasing population of feral dogs in the area.

They are completely reliant on donations, and dog sponsors. If you wish to support their work, their PayPal, card links and bank details are all here. You can also follow them on Facebook.

What wonderful people there are in the world and thank God for them!

Rebecca xx

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