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Rebecca Downes Music Ltd -

Proudly Independent

We are a fully independent operation that undertakes every aspect of the production, distribution and performance of the Birkett/Downes repertoire of original music, taking the tracks initially written and recorded to demo standard by Rebecca and Steve, recording and mixing them professionally and bringing them to audiences and consumers across the world. 


We are not contracted to a label at the moment. Also, unlike many artists, we don’t employ an independent manager, but we run everything through Rebecca Downes Music Ltd, the company behind the artist and a member of the Association of Independent Music (AIM).  This means that we are ultimately responsible for every aspect of the chain from creation to performance, effectively delivering everything that a label and Manager would do.


The business is managed by Colin Speller and the music and technical aspects are managed by Steve Birkett.  Whilst a lot of the work is done by Colin, Rebecca and Steve we do work with a number of other parties who undertake specific projects within the overall process, including


  • Recording and Mixing.  The Space Between Us was mixed and mastered by Gavin Monaghan of Magic Garden Studios, Wolverhampton

  • Album Manufacture

  • Physical Distribution via Amazon and Record Shops - this is undertaken by Cargo Records

  • Digital Distribution - also undertaken by Cargo Records

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Photography, Design and other Marketing Collateral

  • Booking

  • Merchandise Design and Manufacture

We are also fortunate to be helped from time to time by people within and around the band.

Rebecca also undertakes vocal coaching and details of the services can be found on her vocal coaching website.

Colin is a member of the MMF (Music Managers Forum) and can be contacted via email.

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