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Legacy T Shirts (and a Hoody) Available On Amazon Merch To Order

We get occasional requests for out-of-stock T shirts. These are not at a high enough level to justify a reprint, so we have set them up on Amazon on a print-to-order basis. We currently have available the album T shirts for More Sinner Than Saint, Stripped Back and The Space Between Us, along with a pullover hoody with the circle logo. The turnaround times are very quick, the quality is excellent and (unlike the originals which were in black only) the shirts are available in various colours in the usual range of sizes. They are available on most of the major Amazon sites including USA (, Japan (, Italy ( France (, Spain ( and Germany ( Search for 'Rebecca Downes Official' on any of these sites and the full range should be displayed. UK customers can follow this link. We will add to the range from time to time and publish details of new items here and on our social feeds. Rebecca xx

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