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New Live Recording on YouTube - Crazy (Stripped Back) at Temperance

Today's Throwback Thursday #TBT offering is the stripped back performance of the Gnarls Barkley song 'Crazy' at Temperance, Leamington Spa on 9 September 2023, with Steve on electric guitar and backing vocals, Neil on Drums and me on lead vocals and acoustic guitar.

No video for this one, so the track at features the amazing gig images of Mal Whichelow.

The sound was recorded by Adrian Gains at Temperance, and was mixed and mastered by Steve Birkett. The video was composed by Colin Speller.

The 2024 A3 photo calendar featuring Mal's work is available at

We are back at Temperance for more of the same next year, and there may just be another video or two from the last gig between now and then! Rebecca xx

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