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Christmas Single 2021 - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Out 18 Dec

We have released a single especially for existing supporters in the lead-up to Christmas in each of the last two years. This year, given developments within my family over the last year, I want to use the opportunity to encourage support for Dementia UK.

Steve and I both love Bridge Over Troubled Water and we enjoyed the challenge of creating our own version of a great classic. Dementia has impacted on my family in the course of 2020 and this, together with everything that has happened in the wider world, brings a particular resonance to the lyrics. We know that money is tight for many people, so we wanted to offer something free to our fans, whilst at the same time asking those who can afford it to make a contribution – however small – to a charity that does great work in supporting families dealing with dementia.

From Friday onwards the track can be downloaded from the website at

There will be a YouTube video live at

My JustGiving Page in favour of Dementia UK can be found at

Bridge Over Troubled Water was written by Paul Simon and was the title track to their epic album, first released in 1970.

This version features me on vocals and Steve Birkett on acoustic guitar and backing vocals. The track was recorded and produced by Steve and mixed & mastered by Steve Birkett Jnr. Colin Speller did the video.

I can't wait for you to hear it in full! xxx

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