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Email Sign-up: Genuine Interest Only, Please!

We are receiving numerous email list sign-ups and site membership requests from sources that do not appear to be genuine. Please do not sign up here unless you have a genuine interest in the music. You will NOT be granted site membership and you are likely to be removed from the email list and blocked.

We aim to use our email list to deliver updates and information on our music. It is very important to us that the email addresses we have on file are those of people genuinely interested in it.

Unfortunately, in recent months we have received numerous sign-ups that we believe to be false. They are characterised by all coming from one region of the world and nearly all having plausible gmail addresses. They all apply for Membership of our web site. Originally, this was granted automatically so that people could comment on the news posts, but some of these newcomers started posting nonsense in the comments, so we were forced to lock that down.

We are currently attempting a clean-up of the list and have emailed all addresses where we are not confident of the authenticity. If you are a genuine subscriber who is caught up in this exercise, I apologise for bothering you but please click and send the email response and we will keep you on the list.

Once this exercise is complete, we will aim to authenticate more frequently so that we can keep the list as clean as possible.

We really do appreciate all our genuine email subscribers - thank you for your support.

Rebecca xx

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