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Happy New Year!

We have lots of January bargains for you in the online store! Everything is marked down 10-20%, including the new The Space Between Us Range. Carriage is now added separately at check-out. UK P&P for discs is £2, for T shirts or vinyl it is £4. You only pay one shipping charge at the highest relevant rate, so whether you buy 1 disc or 5, it's £2, or if you add a second shirt or a disc to your T shirt order you will only pay £4. If your order is over £50, P&P is free! I can sign relevant items with a message of your choice and we will dispatch the same or next day (depending on my availability to sign).

If you want a real bargain, head on over to our eBay site, where we have end-of-range T shirts on offer to clear. These are the usual Gildan Heavy black shirts with various designs available in limited sizes. The prices start at 99p plus P&P (£4) and we will accept any reasonable offer for these. Any unsold at the end of the month will be off to the charity shop.

If you have any questions, please email us.

Lots of love

Rebecca xx

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