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Merchandise Sales to Europe and Beyond

Following the UK's withdrawal from the EU Single Market and Customs Union, supplying merchandise to EU countries is now very difficult for a small business like us. With different rates of VAT applying in individual Member States and no easy way for us to levy and pay those different rates, we have taken the decision to cease supplying merchandise from this site to customers outside the UK.

Fortunately, Bandcamp has mechanisms in place to levy and pay VAT (and other relevant overseas taxes) so we have uploaded all the current merchandise onto Bandcamp. Overseas customers will be charged appropriate rates of tax when the purchase products. We will still undertake the fulfilment, so it will still be possible for me to sign the discs with a message of your choice. Head on over to our Bandcamp site to see what's on offer. Please click the 'follow' button whilst you are there! Postage costs are another headache for customers outside Europe, but eBay offers international customers prices that include postage and tax, so it's always worth checking the prices on our eBay listings if you are in a country outside the UK and EU.

In due course we may shift the whole shop to Bandcamp, but for now we will maintain it here for UK customers.

I am always grateful to anyone who buys merchandise or downloads and I am happy to say that we've already attracted new customers on Bandcamp. Please continue to support original music! xx

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