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More Sinner Than Saint Receives Rave Reviews

The new album has been receiving outstandingly positive comment from those who have reviewed it. I am humbled and hugely grateful for this positive feedback - it means so much to Steve, me and everyone associated with the creation of the album.

Here are some quotes from recent reviews (with links where appropriate):

"More Sinner Than Saint isn’t just an outstanding album from songwriting and arrangement to performance and sound… now only needs the saintly number of awards, acclaim and wider and larger audience it deserves” - Ross Muir, Fabrications HQ

"There isn’t a weak track here, no filler, nothing that doesn’t hit the mark…she seems to have taken a huge step up in terms of accessibility with this release. It is a stunner.” - Andy Snipper, Music News

"She has done well to propel herself onto a big enough platform to be able to work…with the likes of producer Chris Kimsey, Thunder’s Chris Childs and Bill Drescher. And the result is brilliant.” - Leigh Sanders, Wolverhampton Express & Star

More Sinner Than Saint is a breathtaking album that beautifully captures and restores one’s faith in the art of songwriting and how to dynamically build an album. It’s a true work of art that both inspires and moves the listener in equal measures. 10 Powerpoints.” – Geoff Wootton, Powerplay Magazine (Print Edition Only)

“She sings with emotion and deep conviction. Her voice is expressive and works beautifully with the music she produces.” - Aaron Badgley, Spill Magazine

“Songwriting, production, mixing and musicianship makes More Sinner Than Saint a stunning album. A real contender for Bluesdoodles album of 2019. Ten Doodle Paws out of ten.” - Liz Aiken, Bluesdoodles

“The album showcases her powerful, gutsy vocals and places them firmly in a rock setting.” - Dave Drury, Blues Matters! Magazine (Print Edition Only)

“In the many years that I have been running this site and writing reviews, few times I happened to run into an artist so talented and absolutely worthy of all the support that the undersigned, in his own small way, can give her.” - Giuseppe de Felice, aorarchivia (Italy)

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Rebecca Downes
Rebecca Downes
Jun 10, 2019

Thanks, Nick - I really appreciate that. What is amazing is that everyone seems to be enjoying all the tracks, which is really great xx

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