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New Season of Downes Your Way Podcast

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

My podcast, Downes Your Way, is back with another series, a new direction and with the support of Blues In Britain magazine.

After a long break (two years - where does the time go??), I'm re-starting the podcast. Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I have been taking an interest in the way the music industry is developing, how artists are reacting to it, the impact on their mental health and the things they do to manage that. This interest comes not only from my own personal experience, but also as a music coach and educator during lockdown when I became acutely aware from my students of the wellbeing link between mental health and pets. Many of my students, who were focusing on creative arts and song-writing, battled with mental health - but they often had a more positive outlook during lockdown if they had a close bond with a pet.

Earlier this year, I decided to test this idea more broadly through national research and you can get an overview of the results here. I then decided that one way to develop this further would be to talk to fellow artists about their experience, so that's exactly what I've done and we will be putting the interviews out once a week over the coming weeks.

My first guest is the fabulous Luke Morley of Thunder, the second is the amazing Walter Trout and the third is the incredible Danny Bryant. All episodes are online now, with new episodes each Friday in the coming weeks. The podcast is available on all the major platforms, and you can find a list of links here.

Give it a listen, and do let me know what you think! If you like it, please share it and give it a like!

Rebecca xx

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