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New Video for Night Train from the Stripped Back Album

It's three years to the month since the album Stripped Back dropped. It was very much a product of the lockdown conditions that applied on and off for the year leading up to its release. Every cloud has a silver lining, or so it's said, and in this case the pandemic gave us the opportunity to revisit and reimagine a collection of tracks from Believe and More Sinner Than Saint, as well as have an outlet for two previously unreleased tracks (Blues For Us and Washing All Over My Heart) that were not suitable for a full-band album.

The album was very much an in-house product, with Steve Birkett doing all the instrumentation, me doing the vocals and Steve Birkett Jnr undertaking the mixing and mastering. We even did the album artwork ourselves.

To commemorate the 3-year anniversary, we have released a new official music video for the track Night Train. It was filmed and edited by Colin Speller and can be seen below. The Stripped Back CD and the Album storybook are both available in the shop.

Night Train is my Dad's favourite song, and we all love this version as well as the original. Rebecca xx

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