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Rebecca Appointed as Brand Ambassador for the Forge Ahead Initiative

The Forge Ahead Initiative has been created by the Forge Music Group to:

  • Identify and mentor ten young original rock bands who meet the qualifying criteria which are that they are currently unsigned to any other management company or record label. There are three age groups which are under 27/ under 23/ under 18 and our current bands are spread evenly across these age groups.

  • Offer guidance and assistance in every aspect of the music business and assist them with their progression.

  • Attract young fans into the original rock scene by encouraging their interest via the bands who are from their peer group / age group.

Brand Ambassadors are being recruited from three main areas of the music business -the Media (including radio/ press/ TV etc), Musicians and Corporate Sponsor Ambassadors i.e. Business people operating within the music business. The role of Brand Ambassador is to:

  • Promote the Forge Ahead Initiative whenever, wherever & however possible.

  • Give support and advice to bands and band members participating in the initiative.

  • Take part in Forge Initiative events and act as a spokesperson for the initiative to the Press.

Speaking about her appointment, Rebecca said: “I am honoured and delighted to be asked to act as an Ambassador for this initiative. The music business is very tough, even without the current challenges, and those of us who have been in it for a while have a lot of relevant experience that can help smooth the path for young bands who are starting out. As an independent artist releasing under my own label, I am involved with every aspect from creation to performance including marketing, distribution and retailing – in effect doing everything that a label and management company does. This gives me a lot of insight to every aspect of the business, and while I would never claim to have all the answers, if I can help even in a small way then it may mean a new band avoiding some of the pitfalls we have suffered. I am very much looking forward to being involved.”

Follow the links for more information about the initiative.

Colin Speller - Manager

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