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Two More Wonderful Reviews for The Space Between Us

Two more of the pre-release reviews of our forthcoming fifth studio album were released in the last few days and I am humbled by them both.

First, 'The Baron' (aka Darren Smithson of Revolution Radio Online delivered his verdict here. “Rebecca Downes completes her journey to ultimate rock chick (with the blues still in her soul),” was his headline and he finished with “If we gave a star rating on our reviews, this album would be a 6 out of 5. Yes, it’s THAT good. Better than good.” Thank you, Darren! Then yesterday Ross Muir of Fabrications HQ posted his verdict here: “…another excellent multi-hued offering from a highly-accomplished, award winning singer.”

We have one more pre-release review to come. The pre-order site will go live next week and the first to see the details will be subscribers on our email list (you can sign up at the bottom of the page and get access to a free four-track live EP). Thank you to those who have reviewed the album and been so positive about it - it is very heartening to see such a positive reaction. Rebecca xx

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