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Tyneside Americana Blues Festival, Saturday 20 January 2024

Sadly, we’ve had to withdraw from the Tyneside Americana Blues Festival on Saturday 20 January. As many people know, my mother is suffering from dementia and last Friday she was taken into hospital. She is very, very poorly and we are very worried about her. Given the circumstances and the considerable uncertainty surrounding my Mom's prognosis, we could not absolutely guarantee to be there on Saturday.

We have kept in close touch with the organisers and today they had the opportunity to sign a worthy replacement in the form of the excellent Kyla Brox, and we felt it was better all round if they went ahead and did that rather than risk us being forced to withdraw at the last minute. Apologies to all those who were looking forward to seeing us; I am certain you will enjoy Kyla and her band. Our thanks to John Tate, Stephen Donnelly, Kyla Brox and everyone associated with the festival for their understanding.

I will keep you posted about my Mom, but it’s very hectic at the moment so I hope you will forgive the relative silence and the delay in responding to posts and personal messages on social media. I am getting lots of support from friends and family and my main priority at the moment is to be there for my Mom, my Dad and my Mom’s brother.

To all those going, have a great time at the festival and we will see you back in the north east next month!

Rebecca xx

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