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'Watch Again' Access to Friday's Streamed Gig

Following Friday's superb full-band gig streamed across the world wide web by Birmingham Streams, ticket holders were due to be able to 'watch again' for 48 hours afterwards. Unfortunately, server issues prevented this happening. So, the recording is being moved onto a new server and should be 'up and running' by tomorrow afternoon. Birmingham Streams will email all stream pass holders with a new link and the stream will then be live for 48 hours, giving you two evenings to watch it.

If you are one of those people who had problems getting in to the stream, it is their view that this link should work for you. If it does not, please contact Birmingham Streams directly.

If you don't have a ticket and wish to view the stream, please send us your email address, we will forward it to Birmingham Streams and they will be in touch to take the fee and give access to the stream.

Finally, just to stress the most common problem with emailing tickets, etc is that they sometimes end up in people's junk/spam email folder. If you don't get the expected email on Monday afternoon/evening please check your junk/spam folder. And if you've never looked in that folder, do take a peek anyway because in amongst all the offers of Nigerian largesse there are likely to be some genuine emails!

Sorry about the hassle, but this is a novel and developing field so teething troubles are inevitable. Your support, as ever, is very much appreciated xxx

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