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Christmas Single Raises Over £1,000 for Dementia UK

Huge thanks to our supporters for donating £1,156 for the charity Dementia UK in response to the release of our Christmas single cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water, far exceeding our best estimate of what we thought we would get. With income tax credits on top, this will put over £1,250 into the charity's coffers, which will do a huge amount to help them in their work to support families affected by dementia.

Steve and I are pleased and humbled by not only the donations but the supportive messages received across social media. I have made it known that dementia has struck within my close family and it was almost overwhelming to read the stories of the many other people who have had to cope with close relatives affected by this awful condition.

Thank you to everyone who supported this. Don't forget that you can still download the single here and watch the video here.

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